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Are you a pilot?

Soria - Garray airfield offers all the necessary services to pilots: Hangar storage and parking, aircraft rental, refueling, briefing room …...

Do you want to fly?

We have a wide variety of aviation training courses. You will most surely find what you are looking for. Our Private Pilot Course will enable you to fly an aircraft all by yourself, and even fly around the world with it…..

Do you want to have some real fun?

Experience the feeling of flying an airplane with our flying experience programs and introductory courses, dare to parachute jump, organize any event (Corporate parties, Bachelor parties, teambuilding…)

Want to see your business sky high?

Put your business on top with our aerial advertising or banner towing, take a photograph of your company from the sky and stand out from the rest with our aerial photography service, film an event…

Soria – Garray regional airfield is an aeronautical facility that provides services of general interest to the entire population, as is the case of firefighting services, and services for general and recreational aviation.

Soria Airfield is intended to be a place where air sports play an important role, and where enthusiasts of these activities can meet and practice their hobby with the support of a club.

One of our goals is to add flight training and tourism related activities to the range of activities already offered by the province of Soria: Our Private Pilot Course-PPL is already available, as well as our “Red Baron” Introductory Course and the “Wright Brothers” and “Charles Lindbergh” Flying Experience Programs. We also offer interesting air tours over the beautiful natural and historical surroundings of this area.

Our desire is to enrich the region in the form of economic activity, bringing diversity to cultural and leisure activities, enabling the maintenance of facilities, and to be a gateway to the Province of Soria.